With a thirst for fine lines and delicate pointillism, Isaac’s detailed pen and ink illustrations explore animal, human, anatomical and geometrically
influenced themes and motifs.

Originally from Swansea, South Wales, Jimbob was a heavy-metal-teen and in the early ‘90s absorbed comic books, gig posters and metal album art. While falling in love with the likes of ‘80s outsider-metal artist
Pushead alongside Czech art nouveau master Alphonse Mucha, and
beginning to play in his first and long-running hardcore/sludge/rock band Taint (1994 – 2010). Isaac also led the more progressive sludge/metal band Hark (2010-2017). Both bands showcased Isaac’s long running musical output as well as his progression in art and design. Taint and Hark
garnered global, critcial acclaim, with prestigous festival slots and far-reaching UK and European tours.

Isaac’s earlier steps in graphic design and vector based illustration phased in to full time drawing, and since 2010 he has committed himself to the mighty pen. Jimbob broadened his rendering methods into the analogue domain, with unique pen and ink pieces while utilizing digital colouring.

As well as numerous commissions from clients and bands such as Clutch, Melvins, Neurosis, Orange Goblin, Red Fang, The Sword, Converge, Sonishphere, Hellfest and Temples Festival, Jimbob has exhibited in
several group shows in his second and spiritual hometown of Bristol, amongst it’s celebrated street art and tattooing scene.

Jimbob also contributed to the U.S show ‘Life And Death In Black And White’ (Cleveland, OH) in 2012 along side Godmachine, Jacob Bannon, Away, Richey Beckett, Randy Ortiz, Arik Roper and Justin Bartlett amongst others.

Jimbob has finally begun his journey into tattooing, after 23yrs of slowly getting tattooed and immersing himself in tattoo culture. Migrating his line and dot work style, from the paper to skin has been a huge pathway for Isaac to take. You can find him at Park St. Tattoo in Swansea. Please email to inquire about getting tattooed.

Jimbob now lives and works in his hometown of Swansea, Uk.