Momenta / Life & Death In Black And White

I’ve just completed ‘Momenta’. An original piece created for the upcoming ‘Life & Death In Black And White’ show. I concentrated on time as the central theme, and the importance of staying in the present moment. It’s the only thing we have, after all.

‘Momenta’ will be exhibited and on sale at the ‘L&DBW’ show. Opening Nov. 2nd at The Loren Naji Studio Gallery, 2138 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 4413.

I’ve also made a limited run of A3, Giclee prints, which are on sale at the show and at my store.

The initial rough drafts were sketched in pencil, before using a light-box and my Rotring Isograph pens to ink the final draft. It’s been very fulfilling to produce a fully analogue piece. I plan to render more final pieces this way, as well an ongoing convergence of digital and non-digital processes.

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